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STUDIOS , FARIDABAD  : OPEN (for 2 positions)


** Important note ::  If the applicant doesn’t receives any decision mail from our side within a week of fulfilment of a particular stage of application deliverables from their side (for eg, after submission of their application on stage 01 , or after the interview date as last stage), it shall be considered by the applicant that his/ her application didn’t made it through that stage of application process. **


Join our collaborative design practice as a Junior Architectural Professional for the opportunity to build a strong and thriving career.

The Junior Architectural Professional position requires an intermediate understanding of the design and technical aspects of projects and the ability to take responsibility of distinct portions of projects under supervision of Senior Architect & Project head.

The following responsibilities and qualifications represent the minimum expectations of the position. Gautam & Gautam Associates encourages a proactive culture of expanding one’s contributions to projects and the firm as a whole.


Position Responsibilities

  • Contributes to the development of distinct portions of a Project under periodic supervision of Seniors &  Project Leaders.
  • Exhibits initiative, process innovation, problem solving, and decision quality with a high attention to precision and accuracy at a task specific level.
  • Produces and coordinates presentation and contract deliverables such as diagrams, 3D models, drawings, renderings, Project presentations, physical models and animations.
  • Effectively communicates internally through timely and appropriate written, verbal and visual means.
  • Creates and innovates with a strong conceptual design ability and integrates interdisciplinary criteria to effectively move forward the design of a portion of a project.
  • Actively collaborates at a project team level by critically and constructively evaluating ideas.
  • Demonstrates an intermediate understanding of building materials, systems, specifications, codes, details and construction techniques. Is able to enrich design concepts through technical strategies and effectively uses appropriate tools to design and document at all project phases.
  • Manages time and workload to meet project task deadlines and commitments with periodic interaction and direction from project leaders while sharing knowledge with less experienced staff.
  • {Only applicable for Architects with minimum 3 to 4 years of Professional Work Experience :: Effectively manages & educates the project interns & juniors for project deliverables &  affirms that internship minimum mandatory work typology & volume criteria (as proposed by the respective University) is getting regularly fulfilled within the stipulated internship duration timeframe & to inform weekly the same to the Senior Architect & Firm head.}


Qualifications & Expectations

  • Minimum 1-4 years of professional experience; registered Architect under COA (Council of Architecture)
  • Successful Completion of a professional degree in Architecture {Bachelors :5 years (mandatory) , Masters : 2 years (optional) , Doctorate (optional)} in Architecture only. No Diplomas or Degrees other than in Architecture course shall be entertained.
  • Demonstrates proficiency in Sketchup (Mandatory), Autocad (Mandatory), Revit (Preferred), parametric and rendering software (Rhino, Grasshopper, 3DS Max, Lumion)- preferred and other graphic representation, documentation & calculative software (Adobe Suite , Ms Office)- preferable.
  • Good understanding of architectural geometry.
  • Exhibits initiative, process innovation, problem-solving, and decision quality with high attention to precision and accuracy at a project level.
  • Actively collaborates at a project, consultant team, and client team level by critically and constructively evaluating ideas. Contributes to and actively participates within the studio and office.
  • Effectively communicates internally with project teams and externally with consultants and clients through timely and appropriate written, verbal, and visual means.
  • Proficient  to understand  efficiently the firm’s project handling, record keeping & management mechanism & operate within the same procedures regularly.


Applications without complete information will not be reviewed. Kindly provide accurate & genuine information for active consideration.

This form is for Architect’s use only and shall not be considered as an official document or a guarantee of a place in our firm and shall not be used for any of personal/ professional use other than firm’s interest.

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