About Us

Gautam and Gautam Associates is an award winning, inter- disciplinary Architecture and Design Firm with a Consortium of a keen, energetic and highly qualified team of Architects, Interior Designers, Landscape Designers and Urban Planners of varied experience in the firm which has over 50 years of experience in designing, construction and management of projects to a successful completion. The Team is committed to Design each project with utmost Excellence, Innovations and Sustainability.

Since setting up in 1979, the firm has earned respectable experience and its expertise to cater to the requirements of multifarious building projects of Varied Magnitude and Scale. The firm’s design portfolio constitutes projects of diverse typologies, scale and context, each design exclusive in all it’s essence. The existing & ever expanding clientele development of firm is possible through it’s unique design philosophy of an exclusive tailor made design, a result of regional juxtaposition of contextual design style, climatic aspects, sustainability with owner’s overall well-being, experiential essence, spatial functionality with efficiency and deriving inspiration from nature throughout the design process.

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G&G offers a full range of Architectural and Planning services including Feasibility studies, Programming and System analysis, Master planning, Contract documentation and Project monitoring, Architecture, Landscape, Conservation and Restoration, Building Supervision and Site Management.

G&G is committed to producing a creative design based on careful research, individually tailored to each project and thorough knowledge of building processes and technologies as per the latest International Standards. The firm lay emphasis on the quality of design, careful supervision of its execution and close collaboration with the clients.

Each project is designed exclusively based on the research on real-time factors, analysis & studies which shape the design proposal  and is treated as a unique opportunity to creatively & efficiently respond to project’s requirements.

Research based designing is the design pedagogy that the firm navigates through to arrive at a regional, sustainable, viable & experiential based design keeping in mind the client’s requirements & at the same time returning back to society & nature through a climate responsive & resource efficient design rooted in the regional culture & preserving & enhancing natural beauty of the surroundings.


Family member’s presence took the organisation to newer heights. Involvement of the whole family in the architecture profession itself is the strength of the company.

This family consortium is reputed to deliver projects with consistency, within framed economies of scale.

” Being led by members from the same family with well-balanced support from the different teams of 40 architects, including a high-profile network of consultants, our firm produces creative designs based on careful research.”

Gautam & Gautam Associates Family